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If you are interested in playing the Fox & Locke stage or want to update your artist photo or bio, you're in the right place!


Local artists that are interested in performing at a Fox & Locke, must fill out the form below and a music booking rep will be in touch if we'd like to discuss booking a future date.


Additionally, to save some time, we have combined our inquiry form and our bio submission form into one. Please fill this form out entirely so we'll already have your bio info and you won't have to submit another form.


Please note: if your show is a round, please submit a bio and photo for each of your round members by submitting a form for each individual artist. Thank you!

Solo Artist or Band?
Is this a cell phone that can receive texts?
Whose contact info is this?
Do you agree to promote your shows on your website and socials? Fox & Locke prides itself on its ability to support our staff and their livelihoods. Full houses are critical. Will you as an artist/band be able to fill our 120 seat venue?
Upload Promo Photo
Upload Promo Photo
Upload Promo Photo
Upload Promo Photo
Upload promo or music video
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