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Thursday nights at Fox & Locke in Leipers Fork have become an experience not to be missed in Nashville’s Big Back Yard. Unlike any other Open Mic Night you have been to, get ready for up-and-coming talent of all ages, original music, all-time favorite covers, and even the occasional visit by Grammy-winning artists.




CLICK HERE to purchase tickets to enjoy an upcoming Open Mic Night.
$7 cover
Buying tickets in advance for table seating is strongly recommended as they do sell out.


To sign up to play, TEXT 615-802-8585 at or after 3PM on Thursday to play that night. The text number is for sign up only. Please do NOT send additional inquiries to this number, as they will not be responded to.

You will be notified by 4pm if you have been added to the list and in what order you are expected to play. 
Texts before 3pm will NOT be put on the schedule.

Open Mic spots are in high demand. Sending a text DOES NOT guarantee you will be chosen to play. Final line-up is at the discretion of management.


TO SIGN UP TO PLAY: Text 615-802-8585 at or after 3pm on the Thursday you would like to play. The completed list will be sent out to everyone at 4pm so that artists will know if they are selected to perform.

The show starts at 6:30pm with the first artist on the list. Each artist is able to play two (2) four minute songs or one (1) song that is longer than four minutes, not exceeding eight minutes. We are unable to take requests for certain open mic spots. Our management team reserves the right to remove names from the list as they see fit.

Artists are able (and encouraged) to bring their own guitars or other stringed instruments. We will have three vocal mics, three DIs, three Fender guitar amps, a bass amp, Nord Piano 4 keyboard, and Craviotto drum kit available to use. Artists are not able to bring their own amps/drums/keyboards.

Being added to the list DOES NOT automatically reserve the artist a table. Tickets for table seating must be purchased separately on the Shows page of our website.

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